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Hard to Replicate
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Customer Authentication
Hard to Replicate
Cost Effective
Customer Authentication

The Need

The Need

The projected value of Global Trade in Counterfeit and Pirated Goods is over $1.7 Trillion per year and two thirds of all counterfeit trade is from China.  Australia and New Zealand’s cleaner environments together with high food and product safety standards have seen an increase in the demand and value of their products in China.

It’s for these reasons that Australian and New Zealand products are considered premium in China and make them a prime target for counterfeit operations.

As technology has improved, counterfeiting organisations are getting better at creating counterfeit products that are almost impossible for the customer to identify at the point of purchase.  As a result the customers are unknowingly purchasing counterfeit product.

Generally there are three scenarios when a product is counterfeited, none of which are positive for the customer or the brand that is targeted:

Scenario 1

Customer is satisfied with a products performance and continues to unknowingly purchase a counterfeit product

  • Customer – Paying for the genuine product and while satisfied with the counterfeit product, it may not be performing to the level of the genuine product
  • Authentic Product Manufacturer – The counterfeit product sales will now substitute for the genuine product resulting in loss of sales and would potentially weaken the reputation of the product and brand.

Scenario 2

Customer is not satisfied with the products performance and as a result stops buying the product.

  • Customer – Paying for the genuine product however gets a counterfeit product that performs poorly.  The customer would form an incorrect view of the genuine product based on the poor performance of the counterfeit version.
  • Authentic Product Manufacturer – Sales of the genuine product are lost due to the products reputation being damaged by the counterfeit products performance.

Scenario 3

Customers / prospective customers of genuine product are made aware of counterfeit products existence.

  • Customer – Aware of counterfeit products existence however is unable to notice the difference at the point of purchase and as a result they stop buying product for fear of purchasing a counterfeit version.
  • Authentic Product Manufacturer – Sales of authentic product are lost as customers stop buying due to fear of counterfeit product.

International Chamber of Commerce / BASCAP, Estimating the Global Economic and Social Impacts of Counterfeiting and Piracy (2011).

Anti-counterfeit Products

Anti-counterfeit Products:

There are three key criteria to consider when assessing an anti-counterfeit solution:

  • How easy is it for counterfeiters to copy/replicate
  • Does it allow authentication by the customer
  • Is it cost effective

There are a number of anti-counterfeit products available in the market today, the table below lists the most commonly used and how they perform against the key criteria.

As you will identify, most of the products satisfy only one of the criteria, with the Holographic the only product option that meets two.  The key point to note is that all products are easy to replicate/copy and this is the reason why many companies are forced into using two or more anti-counterfeit devices on their packaging.

Anti-counterfeit Product Ease of Replication Authentication by Customer Cost Effective

QR Codes
Easy Yes Low volume only, not cost effective for large volume

Easy No Yes


Easy Yes No

Variable Data

Easy No Low volume only, not cost effective for large volume

UV & IR Responsive Inks

Easy No Yes


The Solution

The solution – AUSthentic




AUSthentic is the result of over 35 years of advanced security feature research, testing and development.  The AUSthentic secure icon is a highly complex security image that combines high security encoding with multiple layers of protection, to deliver the most advanced anti-counterfeit product on the market.  The sophisticated artificial intelligence app is able to identify even the best copies.

The secure icon is rigorously tested to meet the highest quality and security standards and is trusted by large brands and governments for monetary and ID documents.

The three key criteria an effective anti-counterfeit measure must meet are as follows:

  • Hard to replicate
  • Allows authentication by end user/customer
  • Cost Effective

There are many anti-counterfeit measures that meet 1 or maybe 2 of the above criteria,   however Austhentic is unique in that it meets all of the above criteria.   AUSthentic is cost effective, reaches the customer and has never been replicated.


As soon as the App is available, you will be able to download it directly from the Apple App Store, and the Google Play Store.

We’re constantly adding devices, so remember to regularly check in for an update.

Currently the App is compatible with the iPhone 5 through to iPhone 7.

Yes.  A positive ‘Authentic’ scan confirms the secure icon scanned is authentic.  The advanced technology used within the AUSthentic secure icon has not been replicated.

A negative ‘counterfeit’ scan result indicates the secure icon scanned cannot be verified.

No need to be alarmed, just follow these useful tips:

  • Position the camera viewfinder so that the secure icon is inside the square frame
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to adjust scanning distance and avoid glare
  • Reduce shaking of both the camera and the product
  • Rest product on a steady surface
  • Conduct your scan in a well-lit environment

If you’re still having difficulty, please provide details to our friendly Customer Service team via our Contact Form

It is possible to register a ‘Counterfeit’ scan result on an authentic secure icon if the product is moving or shaking during the scan process.  For best scan results, please review the useful tips above.  It is important to note that you will not get an ‘Authentic’ scan result for a counterfeit secure icon, so you are always protected from buying a product with a counterfeit secure icon.  If you continue to experience different results, please share these details with our Customer Service team using our Contact Form.

AUSthentic was developed to reduce the risk of end users/customers unknowingly purchasing counterfeit products.  A positive ‘Authentic’ scan using the AUSthentic application, verifies that the secure icon on the packaging is authentic.   AUSthentic is unable to verify the product within the packaging is authentic.  AUSthentic is unable to guarantee the product within the packaging that has been verified by this App.

App Download

App Download

Download the Austhentic App from the Apple Store



The AUSthentic App was developed to identify and confirm authentic product labels or tamper seals only.  The AUSthentic App makes no warranty or representation, express or implied, or assumes any responsibility with respect to the merchantable quality or fitness for purpose of the product contained within the product packaging.  Rapid Labels will not be liable for any cost, loss, damage or expense suffered or incurred as a result of the consumption or use of the product in reliance on the information contained within the AUSthentic App.